Ant Invasion – Help!

Ant Invasion ExterminatorAnts do their work in the garden all summer, but when it rains, cold water fills up their tunnels and they run to where it is warm and dry — they come inside your house! Here are some tips to try to stem the tide yourself, or you can call us to end the ant invasion quickly and safely.

Spray Entrances and Trails

When ants invade, you will be tempted to spray around doors and windows and if you see trails along baseboards, you will be tempted to spray there as well. The over-the-counter sprays available at grocery and hardware stores are fast-acting repellents that will move the ants from where you can see them to places where they are harder to find. DO NOT SPRAY YOUR KITCHEN COUNTERS because someone is sure to make a sandwich there. You can try scrubbing away the scent the ants leave with cleanser or dishwashing liquid.

We use a slow acting non-repellent material that clings to the ants. They bring it back to the colony and the entire colony is wiped out. Much more effective, and no unsightly cleanup!

Keep Ants Out Of Food Storage

Did you know that ants can get in screw-top jars? The only way to keep them out of jars is to use a rubber gasket, or place the jar in a ziplock bag. Don’t forget to put breakfast cereal boxes in zipped plastic bags, too! Some people store their cereal and sugar in the refrigerator, just to be sure.

Make sure you do not get any toxic spray on your dishes or tableware. Call us for help with ant invasions. We’re experts!

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