Flying Ants – Or Termites?

Rats To Roaches is licensed to abate and prevent just about anything undomesticated, smaller than a wallet, has four or more legs and is “bugging” you. We can eradicate flying ants, but termite extermination is done by companies with a specialized license, so it is important to determine just what is flying around.

We have been doing pest control for a long time so we are not afraid to get “up close and personal” to determine exactly what insect we are dealing with, and we understand that you may not feel the same way. During mating season, in the Spring, female and male ants take to air for courtship. As you can see, the females are bigger and both female and male ants have wings. After mating, the males will die and the females become Queens and start a new ant colony. You don’t want that happening on your property! Ants are skinny, have long skinny legs, and have long antennae with a bent “elbow” that almost look like another pair of legs. We can eliminate them for you.

All termites have wings, all the time, not just during mating season. If they look like ordinary worker termites and everyone has wings, your best bet would be to call a specialty termite exterminator. Termites are most troublesome in the Spring and Autumn.

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