I’m Afraid of Bees!

You probably think that getting stung is bad for you, but it is much worse for the bee because stinging you kills a honeybee. “Good!” you may think, because the only good bee is a dead bee. But bees are important to us because they fly from flower to flower to gather nectar for honey. Bees aren’t interested in humans, they just want to be left alone to do their busy bee work which pollinates fruit and vegetables which is very beneficial to all humans. On the right is a picture of a Bumble Bee which is a roly-poly, chubby bee that gathers nectar to make honey. It is mild-mannered and not very fast. If you leave it alone, it will leave you alone. If you see lots of bees working in a field of flowers, stay away from them. They are busy as bees!

Wasps are different. They look different, and they act different. Wasps are wasp-waisted. Look at the difference in shape between the Bumble Bee and the wasp (pictured left). Wasps are very skinny and they are attracted to meat like bacon, food and garbage. They can be aggressive and female wasps can sting repeatedly. Wasps can scent you with a marker that tells other wasps that you are a target, so you want to get away fast. Yellow Jackets are especially aggressive and become especially persistent at the end of the summer when they are looking for protein to feed their young. Call us to eliminate wasps, especially Yellow Jackets.

Rats To Roaches can eliminate Yellow Jacket nests or refer you to a bee specialist to have the bees taken care of. Bees are domesticated and are becoming very valuable because so many bees have been lost in recent years due to mites and poisoning by pesticides. We don’t poison bees.

If wasps are a danger to you, call us to take care of the problem. There are some benefits to wasps, however. Because wasps act like meat-eaters, many people consider them beneficial. Worker wasps catch flies and caterpillars to feed the young. They need water and sometimes land on sweaty people to drink the moisture. Paper wasps and Mud Dauber wasps also prey on insects like aphids to provide food for their young.

Umbrella Wasps, also called Paper Wasps, build a a wasp’s nest that looks like a dry paper honeycomb shaped like an umbrella. Paper Wasp nests are often found near doorways, under the eaves and roof overhangs of a house. Call us to remove wasp nests.

Yellow Jacket nests are much harder to find. They can be underground so it is important to watch where they go. They often make nests in shrubs, bushes, and underneath mulch and bark garden covers. They are most active and aggressive in the late Summer and Fall, about the time school starts.

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