Ouch! I’ve Been Stung By a Bee!

You can’t get honey without bees, but you don’t want to be stung. In Sonoma County, we have more of a problem with wasps. Around here there are three main kinds of wasps, Umbrella Wasps and Mud Daubers which have the white papery nests that you can see, and Yellow Jacket which have nests that can be hard to locate. We are experienced and can help you get rid of many kinds flying pests. Mosquitoes are abated by County Vector Control.

Yellow Jackets like the sugar in fruits, flower nectar, but they feed protein to the larvae which is why they seem to be “meat eaters,” showing up to ruin picnics. Wasps can be particularly aggressive in late summer when colonies reach maximum size. They get aggressive when they are defending the colony, but will sting you if you annoy them by swatting them away from your picnic. When yellowjackets sting they may leave behind a small amount of chemical marker that identifies you as an enemy of the nest, so if you get stung, move away quickly. Leave the area after being stung before other wasps have a chance to swarm you as an enemy of the colony. Then call us to eradicate the colony.

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