Cockroaches – Our Specialty

cockroachThe German cockroach is the most common roach in the Sonoma area. They are found in houses, apartments, restaurants and even offices. One female, in one year, can produce 35,000 cockroaches, so it is important to abate as soon as they are discovered. They can transmit bacteria like Salmonella from place to place. TIP: Don’t leave pet food out at night. Cockroaches are active a night and may contaminate your pet’s food.

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3 Responses to Cockroaches – Our Specialty

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  2. airluvsyoo says:

    Help!!!! I’m about to move from this duplex and there are roaches! I called orkin and they’ve been working there for a month and say they will take 10 months to ensure the treatment has been effective.

    I’m going to be moving in about a month. I absolutely can’t take them with me.

    I’m stressed!

    You have good reviews about Rat control, but I can’t see anything about roaches. I heard “they never go away”. Please tell me this isn’t true.

    • Steve says:

      Hi, Ariel. Yes, we can exterminate roaches so they are gone. Please call the office at 707-578-9913 and we will set up an appointment to make sure your move is clean.

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