Jerusalem Crickets, Potato Bugs Crawl Under Doors

The Jerusalem Cricket or Potato Bug is the insect everyone loves to hate, because it is so very ugly! But it is not actually a cricket and does not even like potatoes! They spend most of their time underground, not liking the heat and are usually found during the winter in northern California and when digging in the garden. They are not poisonous but can deliver a painful bite if handled or otherwise provoked. While not considered a beneficial insect they are not a harmful one either, but can be a nuisance when they end up in the house. The best treatment is no treatment at all, but rather exclusion but having well sealed doors, especially around the bottom. Garage doors are very important as they seem to be their favorite route into the house.

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3 Responses to Jerusalem Crickets, Potato Bugs Crawl Under Doors

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  2. Lynn Atwood says:

    Jerusalem cricket has gotten in my house and was on my kitchen counter. UGH… Butt ugly. How did it get up there? Through the sink drain? The only time I’ve “SEEN” them is in the sink. Bathroom and kitchen. God they’re ugly and creepy. Gives me the WILLIES!!

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