How To Get Rid of Yellowjackets

Get Rid of Yellow JacketsAs the weather warms up in the spring, it is time to put out yellow jacket traps; either store-bought or homemade ones. To make a yellowjacket trap yourself, take an old mayonnaise jars or mason jar and cut some smallish holes in lid. Fill one-third with apple juice and hang it away from the house, on a tree or something similar. In the spring and summer, yellowjackets like the sugar in apple juice, fruit and flower nectar so the apple juice attracts them.

You want to be sure to place your trap as far away from house as you can because you do not want to draw them to house. At night, when yellowjackets are inactive, empty the trap and refill with fruit juice. By eliminating worker yellow jackets around your home you will help cut down on number of breeding queens produced during the summer.

Late in the summer, when the larvae produced by the queens need to be fed, the workers become more interested in protein. That’s why yellowjackets have a reputation for being “meat eaters” and tend to ruin picnics. So keep the yellow jacket numbers down now and if they become too aggressive in late summer, call us to eradicate the colony.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or give us a call at 707-578-9913.

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