How To Prevent Ant Invasions

Martha StewartMartha Stewart was asked, “How can I get rid of black ants without using harsh insecticides?”

Steve Gustafson agrees with Martha’s answer that little black ants, Monomorium minimum, are a common household pest. The safest and most natural way to deal with them is to make your home inhospitable to them. Keep food stored in airtight containers, and be vigilant about cleaning up dishes and crumbs on counters and taking out the trash. If you remove whatever is attracting them, the insects may eventually move elsewhere in search of other food sources. It’s also important to block possible pest entryways by caulking crevices or cracks along baseboards, around cabinets and pipes, and outside around the foundation of your home.

Ant invasionBoric acid powder, sprinkled into exterior crevices or mixed with sugar or syrup as bait, can be an effective poison for ants and other insects. It is less toxic than conventional poisons, but it’s not completely safe and shouldn’t be used near children and pets.

Diatomaceous earth (sold in many hardware and home supply stores) is a safer choice. Ground from the fossilized shells of aquatic organisms, this fine powder is safe for people and animals but deadly to ants and other crawling bugs. It scratches their exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate and die.

To use boric acid or diatomaceous earth, find where the ants are nesting, and then surround the area so that they have to walk through the powder when they leave the nest. If you’re not sure where the ants are coming from, place a dab of jelly or honey on an index card and leave it in a prominent spot. Watch where the line of ants leaving the feast is headed, and focus your treatment there.

If none of these methods is effective, call Steve Gustafson at Rats To Roaches. We are experts that work to control pests using physical methods, as well as the least toxic chemicals available. Contact us or call 707-578-9913

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