How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

cockroachWell fed cockroaches reproduce very fast. One female, in one year, can produce 35,000 cockroaches, so it is important to get rid of cockroaches as soon as they are discovered. It’s easy to bring one home from the grocery store — but if you bring TWO two home it can quickly lead to a cockroach infestation.

Steve Gustafson recommends both extermination treatment and habitat modification. First, deprive the cock roaches of food and water. Fix leaks to make sure cockroaches can’t track bacteria from a leaky toilet onto your toothbrush. Zip up all open food packages in baggies or jars to keep them out. Then call Rats To Roaches for expert extermination.

Successful extermination of roaches can be done in only one or two treatments. At RatsToRoaches, we use a low-toxic approach to get the maximum effectiveness with the minimum toxins. There are different kinds of roaches (see links below) and we will determine the right bait for your pest. We use growth regulators to interfere with the breeding cycle and interrupt the creation of new cockroaches.

Using our years of experience, we look for the location of the infestation and we use targeted spraying to knock out the infestation.

Most infestations in the Santa Rosa area are the German cockroach which is actually not from Germany but from East Africa. They they prefer the warm, moist environment typical of East Africa which is why it is important to deprive them of moisture.

Because cockroaches hang out where the food is, they often hitch rides in used microwaves, blenders, or TVs that make nice dark homes for them. Sometimes tiny cockroach eggs arrive in cardboard boxes from the grocery store or boxes that have been used to store books and magazines which cockroaches love. If the cockroaches start in the kitchen they will radiate outward to other rooms as their population grows.

Cockroaches can live as long as 200 days (more than 6 months) and female roaches will produce about 4 egg cases in a lifetime. A cockroach egg case contains from 30-50 eggs. Each cockroach egg can mature to a full size roach in as little as 28 days under optimum conditions (warm, dark, moist). It only takes another 10-11 days before the roach will begin reproduce, so it is important to act quickly to exterminate the infestation while it is still small.

An important part of success with cockroach extermination is denial of the food and water they need to reproduce. Clean up clutter and food residue. Don’t leave food out at night, even pet food, because crawling cockroaches can contaminate it. Call us to get rid of your cockroaches.

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