Ants Stopped In One Treatment

Ant Invasion ExterminatorWhen ants invade, call Steve Gustafson for Sonoma County pest control. With many years experience in the Santa Rosa area, you can rely on us to eliminate the ant problem in one treatment — no expensive annual contract required.

Our many years of experience allows us to use a combination of techniques eliminate the ant problem by using the effective chemical levels. We solve the ant problem promptly, without requiring additional visits. This combination of techniques includes an undetectable material that clings to the ants. They bring it back to the colony which is then entirely wiped out in a matter of days. Because the ants disappear quickly and do not return, there is no unsightly cleanup! Call us to stop your ant invasion fast!

Don’t Spray Food Prep Areas

Sonoma County Pest Control experts at will arrive promptly to eradicate ants in your home. Do your best to limit spraying with over-the-counter products that may contaminate food preparation areas or harm pets. Make sure that the areas you spray do not come in contact with your pet’s feet. Those over-the-counter sprays can be absorbed through the feet of your pets, or ingested during grooming.

Low Toxic Treatment for Ants

Sonoma County Pest control experts will make sure that the ants are exterminated quickly and safely. Give us a call for immediate action! 707-578-9913 Free phone estimates. We will promptly remedy the ant problem without requiring an expensive annual contract. We get it right the first time. Call now.

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