How To Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

We all want to come back from our travels with good memories and without bed bugs. Even the best hotels sometimes have bed bugs. How can we stay safe when traveling?

    bedbug contol

  1. When checking in, ask hotel personnel if your room has ever had bed bugs in the past year. If so, refuse the room and the adjacent ones.
  2. Pull back bedding to check mattress and box springs for spotting. Bed bugs leave a brownish residue of digested blood, a black specks like pepper. Use a hair dryer to blow hot air into along the edge piping of the mattress and box spring to see if there is debris or bed bug movement. Blow the hot air into crevices on the headboard and the corners of mattress to make sure nothing is living there.
  3. Use your flashlight and hair dryer to check behind the head board, a favorite bed bug hiding place.
  4. Never leave your suitcase on floor, use fold out luggage holder with metal legs.
  5. Keep all toiletry items in sealed bags – (zip lock).
  6. It may help to treat the exterior of luggage with repellent material registered for bed bugs.
  7. When arriving home leave luggage outside. Unpack outside and immediately launder all items in hot water. Inspect luggage for bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs before storing inside.

If all your precautions fail and you discover the tell-tale triple bites of bed bugs, please call us to eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs only feed about once a week, so don’t hesitate because they reproduce quickly, making them harder to eradicate. Call us if you have questions!

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