Roof Rat Elimination in Santa Rosa Home Along Creek

I got this nice testimonial from a recent customer:

As a retired physician, I really appreciate the approach Rats to Roaches took to solving my roof rat problem.  They took a history, asking me about the sounds made by the rats, they made a physical inspection of the problem areas, then they made a diagnosis.

Even though a friend advised me to get three bids from high-profile competing companies, after talking with a neighbor, I chose Rats to Roaches to help me.  I felt they were invested in delivering good work as they are locally owned rather than a franchise.

I spoke with Steve Gustafson, the owner of the company, and worked mainly with his son-in-law, John, the next owner of the company.  John was very thorough and informative about how the rats got in and what I needed to do to prevent subsequent infestations.

Helping me solve the rat problem permanently, rather than setting me up for yearly visits, is a mark of professionalism.

roofratSteve and John eliminated my roof rats and recommended Tom, who was expert in sealing the house to prevent further infestation.  He dug a trench around my foundation, filled it with cement, then embedded expanded metal in the top to create a burrow-proof barrier around the house.  He then covered the barrier with soil to restore the appearance of the house.  I have not been troubled with rats since, and that is quite a claim for someone living next to one of Santa Rosa’s beautiful creeks!

Kathryn R.
Santa Rosa

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