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Earwig Control – How To Get Rid of Earwigs

People also fear the old wives’s tale (and scary science fiction) that they crawl into ears, which they do not. On the other hand, they do make a nuisance of themselves by hiding in any little crack they can find and in some pretty unusual places. There are a number of ways to control earwigs without spraying. Continue reading

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Jerusalem Crickets, Potato Bugs Crawl Under Doors

The Jerusalem Cricket or Potato Bug is the insect everyone loves to hate, because it is so very ugly! But it is not actually a cricket and does not even like potatoes! They spend most of their time underground, not … Continue reading

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Cockroaches – Our Specialty

cockroachAnyone can bring a cockroach home from the store. They reproduce very quickly, so it is important to call us right away. Don’t spray pesticide on kitchen counters — someone is sure to make a sandwich there. We can eliminate them safely and effectively. Call today for a free estimate. Continue reading

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Rats Chewing in the Attic

Roof RatWhat is that CHEWING in the attic at night? Could it be a Roof Rat? Rats, their fleas and their lice cause human diseases like bubonic plague, typhus, toxoplasmosis and trichinosis. Call us to eradicate rats. Continue reading

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Ant Invasion – Help!

Ants do their work in the garden all summer, but when it rains, cold water fills up their tunnels and they run to where it is warm and dry — they come inside your house! Here are some tips to … Continue reading

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I’m Afraid of Bees!

Is this a bee or a wasp? If you recognize a Yellow Jacket, we can remove the nest. Yellow Jackets get even more aggressive in late Summer and early Fall. They can sting multiple times, so get inside and call us! Continue reading

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Flying Ants – Or Termites?

Ant Invasions occur in when it is too hot outside and the ants come inside for cool water. They also happen when too much cool water floods their tunnels and they come inside your nice dry house. Call us for help Continue reading

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Bedbugs Are Back in Santa Rosa

After an absence of several decades, bedbugs are back. Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites similar to head lice. Bedbugs, like head lice, feed on the blood of humans but are not believed to transmit disease, according to the Center for Disease … Continue reading

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Waterbugs and Oriental Roaches

Waterbug Oriental RoachOriental roaches are sometimes called Waterbugs because they prefer dark, moist places. Harder to eradicate that ordinary roaches, they required special treatment. If your roaches keep coming back, it may be time to call us. We are cockroach specialists. Continue reading

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Poisonous Spiders

Black Widow SpiderBlack Widow Spiders are found throughout California and bites can be dangerous, especially for children, the elderly, and those with high blood pressure. We can help you get rid of spiders. Call today for a free estimate. Continue reading

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