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Roof Rats are Attracted to Ivy

The Garden Doctors, Gwen Kilchherr and Dana Lozana, answered a reader’s question about Norway rats vs. roof rats.  The Garden Doctors explained, in a Press Democrat article on June 18, 2016, that Norway rats are bigger and have burrows along … Continue reading

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Roof Rat Elimination in Santa Rosa Home Along Creek

Eliminating roof rats from homes along creeks in Santa Rosa takes skill and knowledge. Here’s how we helped a retired physician. Continue reading

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Rats Chewing in the Attic

Roof RatWhat is that CHEWING in the attic at night? Could it be a Roof Rat? Rats, their fleas and their lice cause human diseases like bubonic plague, typhus, toxoplasmosis and trichinosis. Call us to eradicate rats. Continue reading

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Low Impact – High Quality

You want to rid your home of business of pests like cockroaches, silverfish, rats or mice without harming pets, children or yourself. Toxic means poisonous, and if you intend to poison the pests, you wouldn’t choose an ineffective poison. Continue reading

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