Rats to Roaches in Sonoma County CA


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Ants and Crawling Insects

When ants invade, call us. With many years experience in the Santa Rosa area, you can rely on us to eliminate the ant problem in one treatment — no expensive annual contract required.

We use a combination of techniques to eliminate the ant problem quickly, often in one visit. With our years of experience, we know how to use effective chemical levels. This combination of techniques includes an undetectable material that clings to the ants. Ants bring it back to the colony which is then entirely wiped out in a matter of days. Because the ants disappear quickly and do not return, there is no unsightly cleanup! Call us to stop your ant invasion fast!


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Rats to Roaches in Sonoma County CA

Argentine Ant Carpenter Ant

Odorous Ants Theft Ants

Odorous ants are the most common in Sonoma County and get their name from the smell of formic acid that they release. They are being replaced by the nearly identical Argentine ant. Theft ants are tiny and are sometimes found around the lids of jam jars.

Argentine or Carpenter Ant?

Argentine ants have invaded California and are tricky to eradicate. Each colony has multiple queens. Our trained technicians know how to hijack the pheromone system that Argentine ants use to distinguish friends from foes. Treating infested areas with the right chemical message persuades Argentine ants to turn against each other and do most of the eradication without a heavy application of toxic chemicals. Carpenter ants destroy wood, they bite, and they are five times the size of Argentine ants. Call today for a free phone estimate.

Flying Ant vs Termite

Flying Ants or Termites?

In the Spring, female and male ants take to air for courtship. Both males and females have wings for the courtship flights. After mating, the Queen will lose her wings and start a new ant colony. The male (drone) will die. Ants are skinny, have long skinny legs, and have long antennae with a bent “elbow” that almost look like another pair of legs. We can eliminate them for you.

Termites are most troublesome in the Spring and Autumn. All termites have wings, all the time, not just during mating season. If they look like ordinary worker termites and everyone has wings, your best bet would be to call a specialty termite exterminator.

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

In this twenty-second video, Jon answers the question, “Do you find the bed bugs from their droppings?”

To get rid of bedbugs, we need to work together. Chemicals alone won’t eliminate bedbugs. “This is not like any other pest,” Steve says. While 90% of bedbugs stay close by their human food source, some bugs will hunt for new sources, like someone who has moved to the couch. If an infested apartment is vacant for a long period, bedbugs will move to the next apartment in search of food. Steve Gustafson specializes in eliminating bedbugs from homes and apartments.

Some bedbugs are resistant to most approved chemicals; sprays or foggers will just drive them to new territory, according to the New York Times. It usually takes a combination of techniques to effectively eradicate bedbugs, and experience counts. Some more toxic chemicals are under consideration.

Don't Spray Food Prep Area

Limit over-the-counter sprays that may contaminate your home food preparation areas or harm pets. When you spray the floor, toxic chemicals can be absorbed through your pet's feet, or ingested during grooming.

Ant Entrances and Trails

The over-the-counter sprays available at grocery and hardware stores are fast-acting repellents that will move the ants from where you can see them to places where they are harder to find. Call us to get rid of ants, roaches, and crawling insects effectively.

High Quality

We have many years of experience and know which compounds and chemicals to use to get the greatest impact with the minimum effective dose for abatement and prevention. We always use the highest quality products, for the greatest safety.

Yelp Review
"Very professional and knows his job. Have not seen an ant in years. Really nice guy who is good with my dogs and my property. Would not go anywhere else."

Lisa G.
Santa Rosa

Low Impact Pesticides

  • Insecticidal soap
  • Pyrethrins
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Borax, boric acid and borate
  • Baking soda
  • Dormant oil
  • Targeted bacterial biopesticides (BTK, BTI)
  • Predator insects, parasites, nematodes
  • Synthetic pheromones – substances produced by insects that can be used to lure or trap them

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