Bees are beneficial. Wasps are pests.


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Have you discovered a nest and want it removed? Flying insects that you want eradicated? Bumblebees are big, round, furry, not aggressive, and valuable pollinators. They are interested in flower nectar, not you, so they can be ignored.

Honeybees are smaller, valuable bees that make honey and are becoming scarce. They are furry and tuck most of their legs under as they hover by flowers. Their flattened, hairy rear legs are good for pollinating. Don't bother them and they won't bother you because they die if they sting you. They can only sting once. In general, beneficial bees are fuzzy and stout-bodied.

Yellow jackets and wasps are the pests you want removed. They are very aggressive as they dive bomb for protein, like grilled meat. They don't go after flowers but they like sweet liquids like soda and juice. They aren't furry, so they don't pollinate well and are pests. They can sting multiple times. Call us to locate their nest, or tell us where the hive is and we will remove it.


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Paper Wasp Yellow Jacket

Wasp or Yellow Jacket?

Wasps have a narrow waist and their legs dangle when they fly. Their bodies are smooth so they aren't good pollinators. Most build nests from paper or wood scraped from structures, but some build from mud. The nests, or hives, are often on a short stem, under eaves or on lawn furniture. The nests can resemble an open honeycomb or an umbrella. Wasps can sting repeatedly and will do so if their nest is threatened. If not eradicated, they can burrow through dry-wall for winter dryness and safety. Call us for fast, effective removal.

Yellow jackets are related to wasps even though some people call them "meat bees." They have black antennae and their bodies tend to be smooth. Hornets are very large wasps. Carpenter bees can be a pest when they drill holes into old, soft wood to lay their eggs. Call us for nest removal.

Paper wasps are longer and slimmer than yellowjackets. Paper wasps are distinguished by their back legs, which hang down when they fly like a "pair of pants," according to entomologists. Paper wasp nests tend to be located in sheltered areas such as door frames, windowsills, open pipes, under eaves, beneath decks or porches, and inside shrubs. The paper wasp hive tends to look like an umbrella and you will see the exposed combs.

Paper Wasp dangling legs
Paper wasps build hives under eaves
Paper Wasp Nest

Hive Removal Flying Insects

Yellowjackets build nests above-ground in trees, shrubs, or in protected places like sheds. Yellowjacket hives resemble paper because they chew wood fiber into a paper-like pulp. Yellowjackets also nest in soil cavities like rodent burrows and tree stumps. If you see lots of flying insects emerging from a hole in the ground, they're probably yellow jackets. By late summer, a colony of thousands will aggressively defend their nests from homeowners. Take note of the location of the nest and call us. An underground hive can be removed in a single visit, no long-term contract required.


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"Called to have a beehive removed from the yard. Steve showed up, quickly and efficiently took care of the problem, and was very friendly and great to deal with!"

Amy Y.